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Messages in Your Emotions


According to the professor Steven Reiss everything everyone has ever done or will ever do, they do to try and MEET a NEED they have. This attempt may or may not be successful but it is still their driver, whether they are aware of it or not. Needs are therefore at the center of an individual's behavior.




EMOTIONS then are SIGNALS that help us know whether or not our needs are being met. On the whole, the ‘unpleasant’ emotions are making us aware that we are not getting something that we need. The uncomfortable feeling of the ‘unpleasant’ emotion is a call for us to IDENTIFY the need that is not being met. It’s an INVITATION for us to reflect on our needs. Then we can find a way to address this need.


According to professor Steven Reiss and his research, there are 16 basic needs, desires we all have yet we desire different intensity and we also prioritise them differently. That is what makes us so different and so unique.



To build on what has been mentioned, next time you feel unpleasant emotions, ask yourself “What need of mine is not being met?” Then, instead of trying to change how you feel or wishing you felt differently, start working on how you can channel this need regularly. Understanding the MOTIVATIONAL DRIVERS and learning to receive these messages is a foundation to understanding self and others.



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