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Small Moments in Life

Happiness comes from choosing what you want in your life.


It is nothing mysterious.



Happiness is about listening to your inner guide versus following society, culture, what you should be doing or being controlled by potential consequences. We call this VALUE-BASED happiness. It is being in alignment with your inner self with your inner MOTIVATIONAL DRIVERS. It is about understanding what are these drivers for you and creating systems to regularly satisfy them.



A. Blackson defines happiness and optimism as the belief that our behavior matters. And when we latch on to this idea, we begin to take ownership of these small moments, recognising that they are not just fleeting thoughts but critical choices that shape our future. Until you believe that your behavior matters, change is virtually impossible.



Every day, you have an opportunity to make an active choice to direct your energy where it is meaningful to you, both for your identity and fulfilment—building your future, and finding your meaning , right here in your life.




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